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We know how difficult it is to recover from dystonia. Dystonia is a multifactorial condition. You need to take care of yourself as a whole. Recovery is very challenging because many factors such as our physical health, our emotions, our psyche, and our environment can make the symptoms fluctuate. Once you understand that the way you exercise, eat, feel, sleep and rest will determine the outcome of your recovery efforts, it is crystal clear that a support network can be invaluable. Patients will benefit most by being followed by a multidisciplinary team of specialists – your neurologist, your doctor, a nutritionist, a psychotherapist or a counselor, a personal trainer, etc. Finding these people can be very difficult; in general, patients try different therapists for many years until they find someone who understands the condition enough to be able to help them. We know that the process of finding the right support team has been arduous and long for most of us.

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You can book a preliminary checkup and evaluation pre-training or a follow up with our physical therapist Michel Read  P.T. here

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