Dystonia Education

Nutrition class

The dystonia Nutrition program has been designed to help patients make proper dietary choices to reduce inflammation, improve digestion and well-being.

In this introductory nutrition program, you will have access to an 8 week meal plan, as well as 8 weeks of educational videos in which we will discuss some simple ways you can modify your current eating habits to start you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.
While we don’t believe there is a specific “diet” that is perfect for all people with dystonia, the following recipes can be easily adapted to meet many of our unique nutritional needs.
All the recipes have gluten free and dairy free options. They are not specifically designed to suit a Paleo, vegetarian, or vegan diet, however you may adapt them as necessary to fit your chosen way of eating.
This introductory program has been prepared by Bonnie James Nutritionist and Pharmacist.
At the end of each video you will find a link to download the weekly recipes. 
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