Writer’s Cramp Hand Dystonia Treatment

Joaquin Farias

Experience hope and recovery with our approach to Writers’ Cramp treatment and Hand Dystonia treatment through Dr. Farias’ Neuroplastic Training.


Discover how simple movements can optimize vital brain circuits making it possible to recover from dystonia. Join our global community and witness patients worldwide on their path to healing.

Patients following our training protocols have achieved unprecedented improvements and full recoveries from Hand Dystonia.

The rehabilitation of dystonias through neuroplasticity training includes four kinds of interventions: neuromodulation, neurostimulation, neurodifferentiation, and neurorelaxation.

Neuromodulation and neurostimulation exercises are designed to improve the function of frontal-prefrontal-basal-ganglia-cerebellum circuits. The objective of neurostimulation exercises is to normalize the activity of the silent pathways or those in hypofunction.

Neurostimulation through movement occurs both at an intrahemispheric level and at an interhemispheric one. It is a process of rebalancing the function of the nervous system in its entirety, which is performed in a specific direction. Perception must be readjusted first in order to improve and optimize the planning of movement readjustment, and finally sensory adjustments are made.

Following our training protocol, patients worldwide have recovered from Hand Dystonia.

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Leonardo Matsuda, Film Director:

“After going through a series of treatments with movement disorder neurologists, hand doctors, and other specialists, I still weren’t able to find an efficient way to treat Focal Dystonia.

I had frustrations and concerns on many levels. The biggest concern though, was the one caused by my lack of understanding of how Dystonia actually worked.

Through Dr. Farias workshop in Toronto, I was finally able to comprehend details on how Focal Dystonia functions in the brain and why it is triggered. His Method of Neuroplastic training is revolutionary and positively changed my outlook on Dystonia. Most importantly, however, was how practical and down-to-earth his technique was. During our Workshop training sessions, I was astounded to experience first hand, Dr. Farias’ one-on-one approach with the patients and how immediately a major recovery and positive outcome would happen.

Dr. Farias excellent method not only made a deep impact on my understanding on Dystonia but also on my journey of self-discovery and betterment of the quality of my professional and personal life.”

Paula Clark, Barrie, ON Canada:

“I was diagnosed with Dystonia 28 years ago, when I was 18 years old. I have been unable to use my left hand because of the shaking in my shoulder and arm.

In the summer of 2015, I found Dr. Farias’ YouTube video while searching for something to help with my Dystonia. By this time, I have exhausted every avenue to try helping me to regain a normal life.

I then proceeded to do some research on Dr. Farias and his work. In April 2016, I had the great fortune of attending his 4 day intensive training course at his Toronto office.

Since meeting with him, I am learning to retrain my brain to use my left hand by controlling my shaking with simple movement and coordination techniques that he taught me during our training sessions. I am also excited to say that I can type this testimonial with both hands, something I have been unable to do in almost 3 decades. Everyday, I am getting better and re-learning how to use my left hand again without shaking.

Although, Dr. Farias is a world renowned practitioner who has helped thousands of patients, he will treat you like you are his only patient. His training sessions are intensive but he is always respectful, caring and patient. I enjoyed every session immensely and I couldn’t wait for the next since I was so amazed of what I was capable of doing again in such a short amount of time. My husband sat in during my sessions and I was so thankful that he was there to witness my progression. He is also able to help me with my continued training at home. From the first time you meet Dr. Farias and every time after, you will feel the genuineness that he truly wants to help you get well as well as, regain your confidence.

I am truly thankful for Dr. Farias’ help showing me how to control my movements. As everyday passes, I am experiencing the life that I have constantly prayed for. A life of feeling and looking normal and being in control. I will forever be grateful – thank you!!!!”

Nicole Charland, Nurse, (London, Ontario, Canada):

“I recently had the fortunate experience to spend 4 days with Dr. Farias in Toronto. Through his guidance, I was able to obtain significant control of my right hand/right forearm in a very short amount of time. From one day to the next, I saw exponential progress. I did not think that it would be possible to have so much recovery, so quickly!

Dr. Farias was able to explain the cause of focal dystonia as well as the process for recovery of focal dystonia using simple explanations that I could easily understand, and apply to my recovery. Despite seeing various healthcare practitioners , I feel like I completely understand this condition for the first time. Before meeting Dr. Farias, I had tried many, many different modalities, along with botox with poor outcomes. I was so discouraged.

What left a remarkable impression on me is that Dr. Farias has made it his passion to help others recover from this debilitating and extremely frustrating condition. It shows through his desire that his patient understand the intricate details of this condition, his ability to coach with patient determination, his respect, and his sense of humour. I feel like I have been given a second chance at recovery, thanks to Dr. Farias.”

Maria Moore, Nurse, (Melbourne, Australia):

“Living with writer’s cramp (task specific focal dystonia) was a frightening ordeal, as it was threatening the end of my nursing career and affecting many other aspects of life I enjoyed.

I was surprised at how neurologists were unable to unlock this mysterious disorder, with no relief from seeing a range of alternative therapists and other allied health professionals either.

Botox was not a suitable option, after hearing of its side effects, which would have ended my nursing in itself. I felt like I was running a 2 year marathon with no water, until I decided it was worth the risk to travel to Spain and meet Dr Farias for treatment.

This experience was truly the “drink station” I had longed for. I was captivated by his simple explanations and analogies, with a model for rehabilitating so unique and effective; I was writing a few words neatly by the second day.

With the help of his incredible patience and gentle coaching, I was shocked by my continued progress over the 4 days.

Dr Farias has given me all the tools I need to complete this enduring challenge, along with some fine tuning to lifestyle and continued practice of his methods. His passion and success in helping people with this problem is no mirage; he is the “real deal”. I have no words adequate enough to express my deep gratitude to him.”

Stefan Morisset, (Montreal, Canada):

“I have never been so impressed and amazed by a specialist before. Dr Farias’s technique truly works.

Contrary to typical doctors, Dr. Farias understands that when it comes to dystonia (or health in general), many things are related. Dystonia is very complex and it truly takes someone special to connect all the dots.

The best solution to dystonia is not simply a pill or injections, Farias’s technique is a complete lifestyle change coupled with exercises to retrain your muscles and brain. Dr. Farias points out that your stress, the amount of exercise you perform, the health of your stomach, and many other aspects of your life are all related to your dystonia symptoms.

After following his technique for a month I am already witnessing significant improvements, and truly thank him for his work in this field!!”

Nick Brooks, Scotland:

“I came to Toronto not really knowing what to expect and, if I’m honest, wasn’t expecting anything to change for me. I’ve already tried a number of different therapies, all with disappointing results. Dr Farias’ sessions were different; firstly his seemingly universal understanding of what dystonia is (and what it isn’t) was a genuine surprise to me. His easy sense of humour and engagement with our group of disparate clients made it less daunting to walk in to the workshops each morning, and I think every single person attending had some sort of breakthrough moment with their particular version of dystonia. I went from slightly bemused, occasionally perplexed, to flag-waving convert when I typed with both hands for the first time in 6 years. For me, this was a kind of miracle. I know I have plenty of work ahead of me to make progress, but i feel Dr Farias has given me the tools to make the recovery I so badly want…I cannot recommend his workshops highly enough!”

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