Blepharospams Treatment

Joaquin Farias

Experience hope and recovery from benign essential blepharospasm and Meige syndrome through Dr. Farias' Neuroplastic Training approach to blepharospasm treatment. Discover how simple movements can optimize vital brain circuits making it possible to recover from dystonia. Join our global community and witness patients worldwide on their path to healing.


Benign essential blepharospasm is a condition characterized by abnormal blinking or spasms of the eyelids.

The rehabilitation of dystonias through neuroplasticity training includes four kinds of interventions:

  1. neuromodulation
  2. neurostimulation
  3. neurodifferentiation
  4. neurorelaxation

Neuromodulation and neurostimulation exercises are designed to improve the function of frontal-prefrontal-basal-ganglia-cerebellum circuits. The objective of neurostimulation exercises is to normalize the activity of the silent pathways or those in hypofunction. Neurostimulation through movement occurs both at an intrahemispheric level and at an interhemispheric one. It is a process of rebalancing the function of the nervous system in its entirety, which is performed in a specific direction. Perception must be readjusted first in order to improve and optimize the planning of movement readjustment, and finally sensory adjustments are made.

Following our training protocol, patients worldwide have recover from Blepharospasm.

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“All I can say is WOW! The blepharospasm workshop with Dr. Farias was incredible and so helpful.

I have suffered with blepharospasm for 4 years and this was the first time I’ve encountered someone who completely understands every aspect of dystonia – the physical, emotional, psychological, and social elements.

Dr. Farias is a genius. He was knowledgable, compassionate, funny, and inspirational. I felt like he completely understood me without even really knowing me – he just gets it!

He helped me to put the pieces together of what contributed to this condition developing and how to deal with it. I now have many exercises to work on and other lifestyle changes to make. I feel empowered now that I have tangible things to work on that were personalized for what my body needs.

It was also so helpful to spend time with the 5 other participants in the workshop. I had never met anyone with blepharospasm in person before and it was comforting to share our experiences and know that we are not alone. I appreciated my husband being invited to attend as well. He found it extremely interesting and is excited to help me at home.

I plan to faithfully work on the exercises every day and keep a positive attitude. I am hopeful for the first time that I can work to improve this condition.

Thank you, Dr. Farias!”

Sondra Payne, USA

Blepharospasm workshop January 2016. Toronto

When I was diagnosed with Blepharospasm in late January 2012, It became quite clear that Botox was not the treatment for me.I n April a womenposted about a Doctor Fariason the BEB bulletin board, who has help many people with dystonia and was about to begin research on Blepharospasm. I found Dr. Farias’s web site, Iread his two books, ‘Intertwined’ and ‘Rebellion of the Body’. I was convinced that Dr. Farias could help me.

I sent a e-mail asking for a appointment . By June 13, I had my first session with Dr. Farias.

Dr. Farias has the unique ability to see into ones soul, where dystonia begins. Dr. Farias explained that rehabilitation is a process of gently peeling back layers to find your cause, only then can stabilization begin.

This past year has had it’s ups and downs but I always knew that Dr. Farias was just a e-mail away. Always responding with a brilliancy of being able to diagnose and give me sound advise on why I was fluctuating and then educating and enlighteningme on how to move forward again.

With the type of dystonia I have, there will be many fluctuations. I know that now, because I was so gently taught this and that stabilization will become the norm. I know , with Dr. Farias’s genius approachto Dystonia that this goal is attainable.

I am, and will forever be grateful to Dr. Farias, who with his calming and patient guidance has helped me find my way to recovery.”

Michelle Tricano, USA

“A diagnosis of blepharospasm felt like a life sentence with no chance of parole.

After participating in the workshop with Dr. Farias, I have a much better understanding of my condition but more importantly, a new sense of hope.

I went in looking for someone to make me better and found someone who taught me that I can make myself better.

Anyone suffering from dystonia must meet Dr. Farias – he is amazing!”

Bessie Bretanos


Toronto Blepharospasm worshop. Januay 2016

“I really enjoyed the workshop and found it very usefu, so many tips …..and it helped me to understand more deeply this condition i have that regular medicine does not have any understanding about.

Joaquin was able to help us understand so much more and I found that very interesting, thrilling and reassuring.

I feel much more finely tuned in with how my body feels and what I feel and have got now many tools to help relax the spasms in the face.

Also I feel now I can discover more and more ways how to relax the muscles.

I am looking forward to practice and discover more ways to relax the face and body.

I am very thankful for the workshop and happy that i decided to come.

Many thanks to Joaquin, this really helps me to be more comfortable in my body and make my life more enjoyable!           

With gratitude and love” 



Blepharospasm workshop Toronto April 2016

“I thankfully found Dr Farias mentioned on the Wikipedia page for blepharospasm. I had become symptomatic and was desperate for some help. My father, his twin brother and their mother all had forms of Dystonia and I had seen the toll it had taken on their lives. Furthermore, although I was in the early stage of the disease my neurologist explained that there was little she could do for me once my symptoms became pronounced short of Botox. If things progressed extensively we discussed brain surgery although that had clear drawbacks. I visited Dr Farias’ website, contacted him and was at a seminar in Toronto within months. I cannot express how hopeful I feel after the visit. Dr Farias provided a thoughtful, safe, and enlightening environment where each member of our small group could benefit. He is brilliant and his bedside manner is wonderful. His credentials are impeccable and I’m hopeful that thousands of other Dystonia patients have a chance to benefit from his practical ideas and exercises. The Doctor clearly has a track record of unparalleled success with all matter of Dystonic conditions. His teaching and methods have the proven potential to restore a normal life to those who have a potentially insidious disease.”

Doug Patt, AIA


Blepharospasm workshop September 2017

“It is hard to believe that just last week I was in Toronto getting ready to walk to Dr. Farias’s       seminar/workshop on Blepharospasm. As someone who has struggled with this disorder for at least 10 years, Dr. Farias was, to me, the embodiment of what a physician should be – kind, knowledgable, wise, instructive, and caring. The kind of doctor I have searched for for years to help me. Even though it is hard to know what “brilliant’” means, I would easily use this word to describe him. I feel that his subjective experiences and academic/medical knowledge of dystonia have, accompanied with the humility and compassion of his apparent and heartfelt philosophy, developed a unique and immensely hopeful approach to the healing of my (and various) dystonia afflictions. 

Listening to Dr. Farias was like having s light come into a darkened room. For me it has changed the feelings loneliness, frustration, and hopelessness I have felt for so many years. Because of his own work with neuroplasticity and his desire to understand and help those afflicted, I feel truly fortunate to have been able to have gone to see him. I am very grateful for the change it has brought into my life. 

Dr. Farias stood before the 7 of us without papers to read from, with openness to participants’ questions and needs, and offered what seemed like unlimited, applicable, valuable and hopeful information. His kindness and thoughtfulness were present during the whole time we were together. I originally was somewhat disappointed when I saw we would only be in the seminar for 4 hours each day, but after one day of discussion, exercises, and vast material, I was relieved to have this structure and felt that after each day. 

I am usually someone who has something critical to say in my analysis of presentations, people and things in general, but for this experience with Dr. Farias. I cannot, on reflection, see how I could suggest any way of improving the seminar/workshop or his presentation. 

Dr. Farias is a treasure up there in Toronto. I personally would recommend him to anyone who suffers with dystonia. He brings the power of healing back to the individual and encourages, through exercises, knowledge , self-compassion, hope, and understanding, a way to get back one’s life from the grip of this disorder.”

Susan Sanders


Blepharospasm Workshop May 2018

“Thank you so very much. My time spent there was nothing short of transformative. I believe Dr Farias’ work is a groundbreaking step toward an explanation and a cure to Dystonia, through the practical use of Neuroplasticity principles.



Blepharospasm Workshop May 2018

“I attended a workshop on bletharospasm with Joaquín Farias, I have tried many other

Therapies without success.

I would like to say that I had high hopes for this Blepharospasm workshop, but they were surpassed hugely by Dr Farias knowledge, observational skills and brilliant delivery.

To say he is an inspiration is a gross understatement. His attention to detail, sense of humour and unfailing patience were truly remarkable, particularly as the workshop wasn’t even in his native tongue and we were many different nationalities as well as personalities.

Both my husband and I, were riveted and truly amazed by what he was able to achieve with various participants and the problems they had, enabling movements and control which none of us would have believed possible before meeting him.

I am just about to finish his book “Limitless”, which I have found fascinating and am amazed, as well as highly respectful of, his depth of knowledge and understanding of the brain and nervous system.

Reading about Dr Farias’s own journey is a real privilege and I appreciate hugely his sharing that with us, to show that we can learn what can be possible if you put your mind to it.

We are most grateful for the huge amount of work he has put into researching this condition and sharing it with us, so that we may try our best to gain control of our lives again. I cannot praise Joaquín highly enough! He knows everything you need to know on the subject and explains it so well, which gave me confidence to practice all his recommendations.

I would urge anyone with any form or dystonia to see him.”

Barbara Kilbey-Brown


Blepharospasm Workshop August 2018 Oporto

“I am without words after my BEB workshop with dr Farias. He is an extremely intelligent and educated man. I could not believe that I had the privilege to meet him. Before coming to the seminar, I was thinking how lucky I was to live in the same province with him and to have the opportunity to go to his seminar as I was reading pleads from people all over the world for him to go to their country to hold workshops there . I was so impressed with him as he was able to discuss all our problems from a scientific approach and also breaking down information for us to understand. He showed us solutions to what seemed a problem with no solution. In my humble opinion he is more knowledgeable than any MD I have seen regarding BEB. Not only that, but he cares and he treated us with respect and showed us that he was on our side. It is not an easy fix, but it can be done! My deepest respect”

Luminita D.


Blepharospasm Workshop February 2019

“I developed the first signs of dystonia as blepharospasm in early 2018. Because I suspected the nature of my symptoms were neurological and insisted I see a specialist I was quickly diagnosed. My condition had worsened to include more of my face, and being an advocate of integrative medicine, I soon realized that I was not going to get the help I was seeking by following the well trodden path of drugs and Botox, the only treatments that were offered to me.

Prior to this I already had a long fascination with neuroplasticity and had read Dr Norman Doidge’s books purely out of interest. I knew what I was looking for so when I connected Doidge to Dr Farias it was really a no brainer for me…pardon the pun.

It took a huge effort and the support of family and friends to travel from Australia to Toronto to attend the workshops and it is something I will always be grateful for.

What struck me especially was not only Dr. Farias’ unique and in-depth knowledge of dystonia but also his gift in communicating complex information in a way that makes absolute sense. Participants could understand and more importantly, experience, the power of the exercises in their own bodies within the short time of being in the workshop. It was an empowering and transforming moment, having that first glimpse of mind and body working together so effectively to control dystonic symptoms, and as Dr. Farias encouragingly says, “if you can do it once you can do it again”. This gives me not just hope but a real conviction that with time, patience and dedication I can become asymptomatic and recover from dystonia.

Dr. Farias is one of a kind. An intelligent, compassionate and kind-hearted individual who you will find is generous and extremely thoughtful in answering any questions.

I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again in a heartbeat, so worth it!”

Eve Sawa


Blepharospams seminar February 2019 Toronto

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