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Living with Cervical Dystonia presents challenges in finding effective treatments, with traditional options like medications and injections having limitations. Dr. Joaquin Farias, leveraging 25 years of experience treating patients affected by Dystonia, introduces an integrative protocol through the Dystonia Recovery program. Developed in collaboration with health providers affected by Dystonia, this natural and accessible approach offers efficient symptom management for patients worldwide in a convenient and affordable way.


For those living with Cervical Dystonia, improving quality of life involves diverse treatments, including tailored natural approaches. Medical options like medications, botulinum neurotoxin injections, and surgery vary in effectiveness.

Challenges arise as some patients find limited benefits from traditional treatments due to preferences for noninvasive methods, concerns about side effects, botulinum toxin resistance, or allergies. Research into alternatives, such as Neuroplasticity exercises and meditation, offers hope.

Drawing from 25 years of experience assisting thousands of Cervical Dystonia patients, Dr. Joaquin Farias took a significant step by creating an integrative complementary rehabilitation protocol for Cervical Dystonia, available online through the Dystonia Recovery Program. This initiative, developed in collaboration with a dedicated group of health providers (also affected by Dystonia), offers a natural and accessible means for many patients worldwide to manage their symptoms efficiently.

About Dr. Farias Neuroplastic Training Approach

Since 1996, Dr. Farias has been providing effective alternative treatments for patients affected by Dystonia by pioneering new theories on Neuroplasticity induced by movement

Dr. Joaquin Farias is a leading specialist treating Dystonia with movement therapy. His personal mission is to enable every patient to be offered the least aggressive and most effective treatment available. Since 1996 Dr. Farias has helped thousands of people to have their lives and livelihoods back after being affected by Dystonia. Dr. Farias has presented his work on Dystonia rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School, McGill University Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto Rehabilitation sciences Institute, Tokyo University, Toronto Western Hospital, Universidad La Sapienza di Roma and The European Union.

“Dr. Farias is a kind of clinical genius in his work with the Dystonias. I believe, as time evolves, it will be clear that his work is of historical importance.”

— Dr. Norman Doidge M.D.

Author of The brain that changes itself and The brain’s ways of healing

In 2018, Dr. Farias extended his impact through the creation of the Dystonia Recovery online program, making his alternative protocols for Dystonia rehabilitation accesible to anyone in need.

Will Dr. Farias’ Recovery Program help my Cervical Dystonia?

Since 2018, more than 8,000 Dystonia patients worldwide have created accounts in our program. We are pleased to report that many of our users affected by cervical Dystonia, who have diligently followed the program for a year or more, have experienced a reduction in their symptoms, including a remarkable decrease in Cervical Dystonia pain, increased mobility in the neck, the recovery of the ability to walk, a reduction in Cervical Dystonia balance and visual symptoms, and improvement in their emotional well-being. Some of our members consider that they have attained full recovery after a year of practice, while others have continued their training for several years, gradually reducing their symptoms and improving their health and quality of life.

“Two years ago I struggled to eat, sleep, walk, or stand. My cervical dystonia symptoms were very severe, I felt hopeless and discouraged. I am happy to report that I live a normal life now and I do not have symptoms of dystonia in my daily life. I have no words to express my gratitude.”

Martin. Mexico

“I feel a lot of love and gratitude for this program that is giving me back the life that I thought I would not be able to have again after my diagnosis of C.D.”

Marianne. France

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How Neuroplasticity can help you recover from Cervical Dystonia

Understanding Neuroplasticity is crucial in Cervical Dystonia therapies, enabling the repair of cortical and subcortical circuits, integrating alternative areas for modified functions, and aiding recovery from brain injuries. Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt, is pivotal for cognitive and physical well-being. Dr.Farias’ Neuroplastic Training uses simple movements to optimise vital brain circuits making it possible to recover from Cervical Dystonia. Patients following our training protocols have experienced unprecedented improvements and full recoveries from Cervical Dystonia.

In Cervical Dystonia treatment, acknowledging the brain’s capacity to modify itself is key. The cerebral cortex, genetically predetermined for specific functions, can be modulated through experience and learning.

Physiological plasticity involves changes allowing the recovery of affected functions. This includes creating new synapses, functional reorganization, incorporating new areas into established networks, and recruiting different regions to compensate for losses. The brain adapts through mechanisms like dendrite sprouting, functional reorganisation, and activating redundant pathways.

Patients’ Videos


How the Recovery Process for Cervical Dystonia Work

At the heart of our program is a holistic brain retraining-rehabilitation approach, carefully designed by Dr. Farias to optimise your journey toward overcoming Cervical Dystonia.

Understanding the Protocol

Cervical Dystonia, like all Dystonias, is a complex condition that requires a multifaceted strategy for optimal results. Our program is based on Dr. Farias’ 30 years research on how to help patients affected by Dystonia. The protocol incorporates a range of exercises and activities, including Neuroplasticity-based exercises to train the brain pathways affected by Dystonia to improve its function. The program is complemented with incorporates a range of other exercises and activities specifically designed  to cater the needs of Cervical Dystonia patients, including Taiji, meditation, eye exercises, sensory stimulation, breathing exercises, dance, and relaxation techniques. While it might seem overwhelming at first, rest assured that each element has been carefully selected to contribute to your holistic recovery.

Getting Started: Step by Step

  1. Educational Foundation: Start by immersing yourself in Dr. Farias’s enlightening classes within the Education Course. This foundational step provides essential insights into the science behind our approach and how you can help yourself practicing simple movements every day.
  2. Customised Training Protocols: Our rehabilitation protocols for  Cervical Dystonia include Dr. Farias’ Neck Exercises and Eye Exercises in conjunction with  the general protocol which incorporates Dance, Breathing Exercises, Advanced Breathing Techniques, Relaxation, Meditation, Sensory Stimulation, and Nutrition.
  3. Neck Exercises:  Dr. Farias advises a gradual approach, starting with very simple to follow exercises and building up to a variety of exercises to balance your entire spine to free your neck from restrictions. Simple motions when practice regularly can induce neuroplasticity changing the structure and function of your brain. All exercises are designed to be practiced in a gentle manner within your comfort range. Dr. Farias’ exercises can be practice by younger and older people alike and no previous athletic training nor a particular physical state is required.
  4. Organising Your Daily Schedule: Allocate at least 45 minutes a day for exercises—15 minutes for breathing exercises, 20 minutes for neck or waist exercises, 5 minutes for eye exercises, and 5 minutes for sensory stimulation. Tailor your routine to fit your needs, especially if you have Oromandibular symptoms, which require an additional 5 minutes of specific exercises.
  5. Dance Therapy: Incorporate dance into your daily routine, selecting from various choreographies designed to address different Dystonias. Dance not only offers physical benefits but also transforms the therapeutic experience.
  6. Relaxation Techniques: Dedicate time to the Relaxation Course, choosing from Music Therapy, Taiji, Yoga, Hypnosis, Meditation or Kung Fu forms. The calming effects of these practices contribute to your overall recovery.

Personalised Progression and Personal Assistance

Remember, recovery is a gradual process, and you’re encouraged to progress at your own pace. The platform offers a supportive community, where you can engage in the comments section and community forum. Here, Dr. Farias’ and his trained staff are ready to address your questions and provide guidance when you need it the most. We are here to help you.


The Dystonia Nutrition program aims to guide patients in making informed dietary choices for reducing inflammation, enhancing digestion, and promoting overall well-being.
Within this nutrition program, participants will gain access to meal plans and educational videos. These videos will explore straightforward methods to adjust current eating habits, setting the foundation for a healthier lifestyle.
While we acknowledge that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all “diet” for individuals with Dystonia, the provided recipes offer flexibility to accommodate diverse nutritional needs. All recipes include options for gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives. Although not specifically tailored to Paleo, vegetarian, or vegan diets, you are encouraged to adapt them to align with your preferred eating style while making sure to reduce the intake of foods to avoid when you are affected by Dystonia.

Emotional Wellbeing

Acknowledging that Dystonia impacts key brain regions responsible for movement, emotion, behaviour, and cognitive processing, Dr. Farias’ program embraces a holistic approach that recognises the emergence of affective-emotional challenges alongside motor symptoms.

Patients grappling with Dystonia often experience a range of emotions such as constant sadness, loneliness, and emotional blocks due to a prefrontal deficit. This deficit contributes to a notable prevalence of depression and other emotional disturbances.

Dr. Farias’ program embraces the concept of stress-symptom feedback loops and emphasises the need to disrupt this cycle. Interventions like exercises, relaxation techniques, and addressing emotional stress are recommended to concurrently improve both movement and emotional symptoms.

Dr. Farias’ program. underscores the inseparable link between psychological elements and the therapeutic process, offering a sense of hope for a more positive future. Our emphasises the importance of compassionated management of both movement and emotional aspects throughout the journey towards Dystonia recovery.

Dancing Movement Therapy

Dr. Farias’ recovery program underscores the therapeutic potential of dance and movement for individuals with Dystonia. By embedding therapeutic movements within exercises and dance routines, the aim is to address movement irregularities associated with Dystonia. The program emphasises the positive impact of engaging in enjoyable activities, like dancing, on neural circuitry. Professional dance instructors on the platform, some affected by Dystonia themselves, curate choreographies designed to be therapeutic yet accommodating physical restrictions. Dance and movement can be medicine for patients affected by Dystonia providing a positive reinforcement and strengthening the weakened neural circuitry affected by the condition.

Your Journey Begins Now

Embark on your journey to recovery by signing up for the Dystonia Recovery Program. Watch the videos regularly, design your personalised training program, and actively participate in the community. Together, we’ll unlock the door to a future free from the constraints of Cervical Dystonia.

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“My experience with Dr. Farias was out of this world and I can not express my appreciation and gratitude adequately with words. His kindness, patience, compassion, attention to details are extraordinary and quite impressive. I humorously called him a magician as he was able to correct my posture every day in less than an hour.”

Dr. Ehsan Shahmir M.D., U.S.A.


“Words are not enough to express how happy I am.What you have done has given me my life back.
I am still in shock. The four days spent with you have been so incredible. A week prior I was a breathing vegetable.In such pain that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I couldn’t sleep, barely walk, drive.. Zero motivation and lost all interest that was meaningful in my life.I am very pleased to say that I am completely transformed. I start the day appreciating every minute. I can enjoy my walks, even in the rain.So many people have noticed this change in me.
Being able to look at both sides of the outdoors, stopping to talk with people with my head and neck straight is a experience that I truly will never take for granted. Eight years ago, everything was taken away from me, my job, the experience of being a Dad. My Wife, not being able to fully enjoy our lives. I was so out going then. Now I have hope and look at the future differently. I can’t believe that stretching and a positive attitude can make such a drastic difference in my recovery of dystonia. My Mother was in tears. She was so happy to see me up, straight, head side to side with no effort. After your session I have been without pain medication.Unbelievable. I was out throwing the football with my son and his friend and it felt great. My wife Julie is so onboard with my recovery process, helping me with my stretches and is so happy to see me getting better, back to the person she lost eight years ago. My family is calling this a miracle.
I think you are a miracle and I will be eternally grateful for having the opportunity to spend those four days with you. I know I have a ways to go but I always had to win,and I will win this battle with dystonia.
Your sessions were extremely enjoyable. You would speak in a way that made me want to hear more. Everything you said made sense. Proven results through your exercises. I wish I could take you home.Your knowledge on Dystonia, the body and brain was so addictive. I really enjoyed the time spent with you,

I will never forget you Dr. Farias. I will touch base again with you in six months to let you see what your gift has given me.
Eternally Grateful,”

Joey Salvador, Canada

“I attended the Cervical Dystonia workshop in June of 2017 and wanted to immediately come home and write my testimonial. Instead, I decided to wait six months. The workshop was a very enlightening and powerful four days. To be immersed in a room with other individuals who share the same physical and emotional pain of dystonia was humbling and amazing. Most of the questions I had brought with me were answered without having to ask. When we did ask, each question had a clear, thoughtful explanation. We were treated with respect and compassion. We were heard and we were understood. On the first day as Dr. Farias was discussing symptoms that none of my doctors had ever mentioned before, IE- gastrointestinal issues, yawning, etc.. Inside my head I was shouting “FINALLY! This is me! He gets it, he gets it all!”

On that first day I knew that I had made a great decision to come to this workshop and was so excited.

Dr. Farias handled the group with grace, humor and control. In four days, I watched other members of the group gain confidence and mobility. I watched them transform physically and emotionally. I was elated to see the progress the other members of the group were making. We inspired one another and shared our hopes and fears. We laughed and we cried. It was truly a remarkable experience.

After six months, the therapies and exercises he provided have made me feel empowered and hopeful that I can possibly have a normal life again. I also get Botox injections to help me relax the dystonic muscles so that I can perform these exercises. It is a lot of hard work and it is progressively paying off. I still have bad days and pain. I now understand that it is part of the healing process and know how to get through those days without as much anxiety and fear. I am smiling more. I have been moving physically in ways that I hadn’t been able to in years. I danced in front of my husband and he was moved to tears. I am able to drive a car and get out of the house after being home bound and in debilitating pain for almost three years. I am able to spend quality time with my children and husband which is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work Dr. Farias. I am so incredibly grateful.”

Tris Ann Gaydos, Pittsburgh, PA

“I have had severe toricollis for forty years. I visited Dr. Farias in May 2016 in Canada. The exercises he assigned are extremely specific to my needs. After devoting only five days to the exercises, I found my youthful, slender neck! Everyday the exercises are easier, I am able to stretch farther in the correct direction with no crunching sounds in the joint, and there is daily visible improvement in my posture. With these results I am more eager to do the exercises than do anything. If you have dystonia Dr. Farias is the doctor who can help you! I am so very thankful for my answered prayer after 40 years of searching!”

Eleanor King USA

“I am so thankful for having found Dr. Farias, and for having the opportunity to attend his Cervical Dystonia Workshop. The workshop helped me to understand the many symptoms associated with Dystonia and how to manage them. Dr. Farias is spot on when it comes to understanding this disorder which came as a great comfort to me during a time when many doctors had no answers. His books, videos, and workshops are highly recommended, and I am happy to say I am almost symptom free!!”

Jen, USA

“Dr. Farias is a gentle and patient teacher. I found his demeanor comforting as I was challenged to reprogram my brain and body. I highly recommend his training to any and all who I connect with regarding Dystonia. My hope is that he will teach other practitioners so that his methods can reach more people. Sincerely,”

Cheryl Dillon, St. Catharines, ON, Canada

“I was very happy to be able to attend sessions with Dr. Farias. He has a wealth of knowledge about dystonia and I like his approach — he is very pleasant, with a down to earth approach that made me feel comfortable. I learned so much about my dystonia and these sessions are by far the best thing I have done. I feel that I now have a “blueprint” that I can use to plan going forward, and that gives me hope that I will get my life back if I do what needs to be done. Thank you Dr. Farias for doing what you do!”

Lise Renaud. Canada

“I was apprehensive when I started the workshop, not knowing quite what to expect. I needn’t have had any concerns – the workshops were very relaxed and friendly and the knowledge that I came away with has given me a greater feeling of empowerment. Joaquin has a great depth of knowledge, which he shared throughout the workshops and it was both extremely interesting and actually great fun.”

Ursula, London Cervical Group Workshop

“I recently attended a 4 day session with Dr Farias and gained a great deal of insight into my condition.

The knowledge, care and information provided was far beyond anything I have received during the last 15 years of searching for answers and treatment.

I left the session armed with more knowledge of what’s happening with my condition and what I can do to affect change.

Thank you Dr Farias”


” A year ago I got my dystonia diagnose (torticollis) after several complaints from the eyes to the neck to the calfs… I received the first botox injections and a very general, useless explanation about this “disorder”. Symptoms got worse day by day, I lost my trust in the neurologist and in life, because I couldn’t understand what was happening to me.

“I searched another neurologists who gave me a bit more information, medicines (which I do not like to take) and a better botox injection plan. But I still wasn’t happy with the state I was in.

Searching the internet from Belgium to Holland, to South-Korea, New Mexico and eventually Toronto I came in contact with Joaquin Farias and his lovely wife Carmen.
We had some very clear Email-conversations and luckily I could join the workshop in Cambridge UK.

The week before this workshop took place I had doubts to go there, but I’m very thankful to my wife that she forced me to. About these 4 days I can only be very positive. I always had so many questions about dystonia, the standard answers from the neurologists I’ve seen were: “try to live with it, get Botox every 3 months, take your meds and even consider DBS!”Never some serious answers, I even got more questions after seeing them. BUT after 4 days with Joaquin I had more answers than in 1 year, and that’s the reason why I am convinced to do the Fariastechnique exercises every day!
It was also very nice to meet someone who gave me the feeling to understand me and that I don’t feel stupid when I ask somethings.

The workshop was not a doctors consult, but a very human and understanding dialog.

Joaquin Farias is the first person I met who is able to give answers to every dystonia-related question.
Even if I will not be cured, I will try to control the dystonia by doing my neuroplastic exercises day by day.

The fact that a part of our fee will be spent to less fortunate patients fits completely in my way of life!”

Jouri, Belgium

“I have been thinking about the workshop and how valuable it has been for me. Reflecting on before/after the workshop I am now in a much more positive frame of mind about my dystonia. Dr Farias led the workshop in a very safe and caring yet practical manner. He delivered complex information in easy to understand terms — we learned about aspects of dystonia, and what could have led us to this state of being, and through demonstrations and practical exercises we learned what is happening in our bodies (nervous system, eyes, neck, spine etc). This led up to an individual approach, and a ‘charge’ that it is up to each of us to sustain the effort towards a healthier state of being. It no longer feels like I’m ‘broken’, rather I have now have the information and tools to help me ‘defrost’ from the dystonic state.

Thank you Dr Farias!! “



“I took the cervical dystonia workshop last month. It is one of the rightest decisions I have ever made. Before the workshop, I read two of Dr. Farias’ books and was impressed by his deep understanding and strong research of dystonia. The workshop provided more specific analysis about cervical dystonia and individual conditions. It is so inspiring. Dr. Farias is so humorous and the other people I met in the workshop are so nice and friendly.

Being with dystonia for 14 years, I got lots of questions about my body and mind which no one can provide the full answers to. Dr. Farias’ explanations answered my questions in a way that I heard a voice in my mind saying “That’s why!” “That’s it!” “That’s the reason” and “That’s the solution!”. The workshop rebuilt my faith that by understanding what’s happening, knowing how to deal with it and exercising in the right method everyday, I can recover from dystonia. It’s just a matter of time.

Thank you so much, Dr. Farias. Your findings are among the greatest truths and your works are life changing.

Also thanks a lot for your work, Carmen.”

Feiya Ou, China

“I went to Dr. Farias’ workshop on cervical dystonia with no expectations. I have tried a wealth of alternative therapies that never helped me. Dr. Farias has so much knowledge about dystonia, and I felt he spoke to the issues I am dealing with that prevented me from moving forward with my recovery. Dr. Farias is a humble man who brings lots of humor into the workshop, as well as empowers each participant. I was surprised and delighted by how much individual attention he gives and how he gave adaptations of exercises based on people’s need. I have been home for one week, and I am making progress!!”

Rose Bennett, USA

“Dr Farias really understands dystonia and is quick to identify the center of the problem in each person.

I attended his workshop for cervical dystonia, and found it very helpful and interesting in many ways. Among other things, the workshop helped me to realize the types of thoughts and emotional patterns that I tend to fall into that are part of the whole picture of the symptoms of dystonia, and of course, I got tools to change the patterns.

For a person with dystonia, this workshops are invaluable.”

Nina P., USA

“I have had dystonia for approximately 25 years and I have tried many different treatments/therapies over the years, none of which have helped with the condition.

I am a strong advocate for alternative therapy / functional medicine and so when I came across the Farias Technique, initially through Wikipedia, I was immediately intrigued to find out more as it seemed to be a natural therapy, without the use of drugs/medicines.

I am now so happy that I did the initial research and contacted Doctor Farias about the training he offered and I have just returned from attending a workshop with him in Porto, Portugal, in early July. The workshop ran over four days and I can honestly say that it has been the best course I have ever attended in that the exercises and the training Doctor Farias provides (all natural and totally drug free) has changed my total outlook on the condition and he has given me real enthusiasm and determination that my symptoms will improve. The exercises he taught us during the workshop are simple to use but make complete sense given the neurological research he has carried out over many years.

Doctor Farias approaches the workshop and the condition in such a positive way and with his great sense of humour it helped the attendees relax and really listen to the message and theme he portrayed throughout the four days.

Essentially he has provided the attendees with everything they need to move forward with their rehabilitation. He put the group under no illusion that the work is over; but he has given us very real means to improve our lives in a positive way and with our determination to put in the effort, we can beat this. He has been the springboard to our rehabilitation!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Doctor Farias’s training to anyone with the Dystonia condition and I’m so excited about what the future holds after attending his workshop.

Thank you for everything.”

Karen James, United Kingdom

“I am very grateful to have recently had the opportunity to attend Dr. Farias’s Cervical Dystonia workshop.

I not only came away with tools to help me recover but he also taught me more about Dystonia and what is happening with the whole body than any Dr. I have ever seen. He genuinely cared about each of us in the workshop and spent time with each individual to provide the exercises for our individual condition (as no Dystonia is the same).

During the workshop I had tears and enjoyed laughs as Dr. Farias has a wonderful sense of humor too. I had an immediate emotional recovery just by attending his workshop and meeting 5 other lovely souls with Dystonia.

Dr. Farias is motivating and encouraging, I left feeling hopeful to have a recovery of my Cervical Dystonia. I’ve had my Dystonia for at least 5 years and have been using Botox with minimal relief, and am now hopeful on my future thanks to Dr. Farias. “

Tina, USA

“This 4 day course has been wonderful for both myself and my wife. I feel I understand far more about cervical dystonia and what I need to do to improve my situation. Joaquin is a fun and engaging speaker whose passion to help you is very motivating. It was also great to meet fellow suffers and compare experiences. I believe that this course has changed my life, I am much more optimistic about the future.”


“I cannot express enough the gratitude and the overwhelming experience of a highly competent and humanitarian Doctor, who not only approaches his patients with extreme professionalism but with a subject knowledge second to none worldwide.

A true Genius in his field and an angelic helping hand in a notorious disorder that the whole medical field lacks far behind him.”

Emese Teague, United Kingdom

“One year after joining Dr. Farias’ online recovery program, I attended his in-person workshop in Porto in May, 2022. We were a diverse group of nine participants from nine different nationalities. The symptoms that we brought to the workshop are themselves the best testimonies to Dr. Farias’ method. Seven of us have joined Dr. Farias’ Recovery Program and our symptoms were obviously milder than those of the other two who have not yet joined the program. Later on, through the communication between the participants, it became clear that the more perseverant someone has been with the exercises on the platform the better her symptoms are.

The 13.5-hour workshop was organized in a way that we not only listened to theories about dystonia but also had enough time for questions, discussions, exercises, and personalized consulting. I find each part of the workshop worthwhile and beneficial. Dr. Farias is the only person I’ve met so far that could explain WHAT dystonia is and HOW we should do to manage our symptoms. The open and safe atmosphere that he has created through the workshop is also very helpful. We listened to each other’s experiences and shared our own stories. We cheered for each other’s improvements in the exercises. We set up a WhatsApp group right after the workshop and keep on listening to and supporting each other.

All in all, I highly recommend Dr. Farias’s f2f workshop to all of you who can make it. Dystonia is rare and highly individual and the opportunity that you can work directly with a world-leading expert and other persons who have similar conditions is something that you cannot miss.”

Lisa Tang, Germany

“The in-person seminars offered by Dr. Farias are the perfect complement to his online platform. He sheds a light in a maze called dystonia, uncovering the many aspects that make this condition so complex. He gives general strategies for success as well as the specific key tools in each particular case thanks to his amazing observational skills. His sharp diagnostic eye targets issues that are addressed on the spot plus the right advice to make those corrections last. All of this with the kindness and sense of humor that characterize him mixed with the opportunity to meet some fellow patients. Thank you Dr. Farias! “

Mariana, Argentina

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