Runner’s Dystonia Treatment

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Discover how simple movements are a critical aspect of Runner's Dystonia Treatment. Optimizing vital brain circuits can make it possible to recover from involuntary muscle spasms in the legs.


Dr. Farias’ neuroplastic movement therapy for Runners’ Dystonia Treatment aims to address both specific problematic movements and overall movement patterns in the body. This therapy focuses on identifying the neural dysfunctions contributing to these issues and reprogramming them to facilitate desired movement.

The therapy employs a combination of techniques, including incremental task conditioning to transition from old movement patterns to new ones. Strength training and repetitive task performance may also be integrated to help the body instruct the brain in adopting more desirable movement patterns.

It’s important to note that the approach is highly individualized, with treatments tailored to the patient’s unique condition, preferences, and lifestyle.

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Following our training protocol, patients worldwide have recovered from Runners’ Dystonia.

Video testimonial from a runner who followed the natural approach to Dystonia treatment:

Vikki Baylis, CANADA:

“Recently I attended the online seminar for leg dystonia. The seminar attendance was small allowing each participant to have individualised assessment and attention from Dr. Farias; as well there was lots of time to have questions asked and answered thoroughly. I like to understand how things work as much as possible as this allows me to help myself, the seminar did this for me. Dr. Farias helped me understand more about what is involved with dystonia in general and then specifically leg dystonia, through this understanding I feel like I have the tools I need to help myself as much as possible regain function when walking. Dystonia is very life-altering as we all know, it is psychologically draining. The seminar reduced a lot of the anxiety created by not understanding a problem properly. When I am able to step out of myself and my anxiety I can see how interesting it is to have dystonia and learn about how your brain and body interact. That is empowering.”

Thanks again for helping so many people,

Scott Black, U.S.A:

“I recently attend Dr. Farias’ three day seminar on foot/ankle dystonia at his Toronto facility. In addition to his display of complete mastery over the subject matter, Dr. Farias also proved to be highly amiable, compassionate and personable. It was a very comforting experience to share several days with others facing the same challenges, and, in addition to learning from Dr. Farias, we were also able to learn from one another. Dr. Farias was extremely patient and responsive to our needs and displayed a genuine concern for our well-being, along with a determined effort to address all issues and questions. I would encourage everyone who has the ability to attend one of his seminars to seek out this unique opportunity.”