Yips Focal Dystonia Treatment

Dystonia Recovery Program Team

Athletes Dystonia also known as Yips, is defined as a focal dystonia that presents itself during sports performance. Specific types of dystonia exist in Golfers, Cyclists, Tennis players, Ping pong players, Runners, Baseball players, Martial artists etc. Initial results obtained through the use of Dr. Farias' training in athletes has proven very hopeful.

The intervention included a biomechanical analysis of performance as a baseline. Regarding the deficits and natural movements of the athletes’ bodies, specific exercises utilizing movements and mental imaginery were created for individual patients. Those exercises induced neuroplastic change that allowed gradual motor control recovery.

Following our training protocol, it is possible to obtain greater improvements in coordination in a shorter period of time.

“I have been affected unknowingly with focal dystonia for over 30 years.
It slowly eroded my athletic abilities to the point of not being able to participate in any athletic activities.
Once I did become aware that my problem was focal dystonia, I researched possible treatments.
This research lead me to contact Dr Farias. He agreed to see me. He showed remarkable insight into the bio-mechanics of athletic movement and what I needed to achieve.
Remarkably, in a very short time I was performing movements that I was unable to achieve in many years.
I truly feel that Dr. Farias has given me a way back to playing the sports that I love.
He has given me a much better understanding of what focal dystonia is and the process that is necessary to complete the recovery.
I would recommend Dr. Farias without any hesitation to anyone who is affected by focal dystonia.”

Tom Dyer, Vice President Peter Burwash International, U.S.A

“My sessions with Dr. Farias were one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Over the past 15 years, I visited a sports psychologist, a neurologist (who diagnosed my dystonia and gave me Botox in an unsuccessful effort) and even had a three-day session with golf’s best-known short game guru to fight a twist in my wrist while putting.

In less than four days, Dr. Farias cured what none of them could and put me on a path to understanding how and why I could put it in the past.

I came to realize that my dystonia was in some ways a positive thing; my brain had tried to solve a problem and find answers, only to massively overcorrect.

Whenever I tell people about the experience, they always say the same thing — that they can see on my face how excited I am by what happened in Toronto.

It was truly a life-changing experience.”

Ken Smith, U.S.A

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