Dystonia Relaxation C

Dream Spaces

We have designed a new tool called Dream Spaces to help you stimulate a relaxation response in your nervous system.

At the heart of chronic stress lies the ever-vigilant sympathetic nervous system, driven by an overactive amygdala. This perpetual state keeps the brain’s pattern recognition centres, particularly the visual cortex, on high alert, as if anticipating lurking threats.

Dream Spaces steps in with a novel approach: immersing you in an environment devoid of predictable patterns. This prompts these centers to gradually release their grip, initiating a chain reaction. The amygdala senses the diminishing threat and signals the body to ease the stress response, leading to a sense of relaxation.

The auditory and visual stimuli work together to redirect your brain’s focus away from ceaseless threat assessment. As you navigate this virtual haven, inner conflicts in the brain can find resolution.

We are interested to know how you feel while using this tool to relax.


Please do not use this tool more than once a day.
If you feel any discomfort please stop the video.
This video may not be indicated if you are dealing with a migraine.
Not advised for patients affected by epilepsy.
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